As a certified, accredited stager and licensed realtor, I understand what it is that buyers see when they walk into a home for the first time.  I know what they like, what attracts their eye and why they buy!  It’s my passion to help homeowners ready their home for market and present their “product” in the best light possible so it will sell for maximum dollars. 

I love the staging aspect of real estate almost more than real estate itself.  While it’s hard work my enjoyment comes in seeing a room or a house transformed and bringing out the best in a home.

Why Home Staging?

Home Staging is an often-undervalued art form until the job is done.  I’ve heard so many clients tell me they don’t feel they have a need for staging, yet when they see the result, they often can’t believe the difference in their home and outcome!  Often, when I’m finished staging, they tell me it’s the way they’ve always wanted their home to look.

Why Staging is Critical

Homes with furniture sell faster than vacant homes; and homes with proportional furnishings and accessory arrangements that take into consideration scale, balance and color, project a pleasant environment, showcases your home in its best light so that buyers can see themselves living in your home and helps sell your home faster. 

*If you are thinking about selling your home…ask me what my business, All-the-Rage Home Staging can do for you!